Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery Unit
Dr. Martín Duce

Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery Unit

The Thyroid Surgery Unit is made up of a team of professionals with extensive experience, directed by Dr. Martín Duce, in which specialists in anaesthesia, pathological anatomy, intensive care, laboratory and radiology collaborate. In addition, other specialists can be incorporated, if required. Both the Madrid Pardo de Aravaca Hospital and the Viamed Fuensanta Hospital are prepared with the most modern technical means for comprehensive patient care.

The thyroid is an endocrine gland responsible for the synthesis of essential hormones for human life. Thyroid diseases are very common, especially nodules. In many cases the treatment is surgical. Thyroid surgery requires complex techniques, given the delicate anatomical structures in the neck, hence it is very important that these are performed by expert surgeons. This is the only way to minimize potential bleeding, voice, or calcium metabolism complications that can affect future quality of life, while improving the prognosis in malignant diseases..


We Serve Patients:
  • Private (individuals)
  • With Reimbursement Insurance
  • From Insurance Companies: Adeslas, Asisa and Mapfre Salud

We offer:
  • Professionalism
  • Experience
  • Refined techniques
  • Small and aesthetic incisions
  • Genetic study in tumors
  • Attention to international patients with airport pick-up

Dr. Martín Duce

Is Professor of Surgery. General Surgeon with thirty years of experience. Pioneer in Spain of Outpatient Hernia Surgery and Obesity Surgery. Superspecialist in thyroid, parathyroid and hernia surgery.


Three years, in university hospitals in the USA, England, France, Switzerland, Canada and Sweden. Extraordinary Doctorate Award. Clinical and basic researcher and teacher of students of medicine, nursing and surgery residents. University studies of Philosophy, Psychology, Psychopedagogy and Modern History. 45 years collaborating in solidarity projects of educational and health development in Africa. Spoken Languages: Spanish, English and French.

Professional Milestones

More than 2000 thyroid surgeries
More than 350 parathyroid surgeries
More than 1500 hernia surgeries
10 Investigation Awards
5 Clinical Awards
3 Teaching Awards
Pioneer in Ambulatory Major Surgery (1987)
Pioneer in Obesity Surgery (1994)

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Pathologies and Surgeries

Surgical Pathologies of the Thyroid and Parathyroid

Benign nodules, cysts, and hyperplasias.
Hyperthyroidism of poor evolution.
Malignant nodules.

Types of surgeries we perform

Hemithyroidectomy and Isthmectomy: is the removal of a lobe (right or left) of the thyroid and the central area or isthmus.
Subtotal thyroidectomy: is the almost complete removal of the thyroid.
Total thyroidectomy: is the complete removal of the thyroid.
Cervical lymphadenectomy: is the removal of lymph node regions related to the thyroid.
Parathyroidectomy: is the removal of one or more parathyroid glands.